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What do we offer?

We offer a wide variety of services to help you improve, renovate, & maintain your facility.  Hopefully the information below is helpful to explain what we offer.  If we missed something give us a call or go to the contact page to get  more information.

Infield Renovation

Every infield has different needs. Whether it's a minor touch up or major resurfacing we can help. We'll lay down our Terra Cotta infield material, rebuild your mounds, batters/catchers box with bulk clay, and finish it up with new infield essentials from Beacon Athletics

Preseason/Post Season Work

If your needs are more seasonal we can come in and provide preseason work to get your fields ready for the season and then come back in the fall to fix the wear and tear from the summer playing season.

Maintenance Programs

Some of our customers prefer that we take care of their fields year round.  We can build a program that fits your needs and budget to maintain it on a weekly or monthly schedule.  We can also help with a spraying and fertilizing program to improve your turf.

Dugout Construction

We can build dugouts too. We have a construction partner that will design and build custom dugouts that can be put together on site to fit the size and style of your facility.

Batting Cage Construction

If you need a new batting cage we can build those as well.  We construct high quality cages for both baseball and softball  from Beacon Athletics

Bull Pen Construction

We can build new or rebuild your current bull pens.  We have access to bulk clay to save you on your investment and if you want wood timbers we have a sawmill to custom cut them to fit your needs

Got a big tournament scheduled?  We can give your fields a quick facelift and take care of them during your tourney too.

2021 Tourney Team

What our customers are saying

They did a great job fixing our infields and then took the time to coach us on how to maintain them throughout the season to protect our investment

Mark Jurgens--Northern Heights High School

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