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Spectator Safety Netting

Recently, we had the opportunity to install spectator safety netting from Beacon Athletics.  The design process was extremely easy as was installation.  Give us a shout if you are interested in netting and we can help you make it happen at your facility.

Infield renovation in St John, Kansas

St. John, Kansas

Infield Renovation 2020

An Idea Is Born

The St. John Recreation Commission wanted to get their field back on track.  We reset the field to the oldest age group they potentially would have play on it.  We  put down a new shale playing surface, advised them on their spray and turf program, and helped lay out future renovation projects.

An Idea Comes To Life

The video shows the condensed version of how we got to this point of progress in the picture to the right.

Mother Nature can be unpredictable and flood your fields.  We can help fix that too.

Whether it's flood damage or overgrown fields we can help

The top 4 pictures are the clean up and renovation after 6' of flood water ran across the fields.  The bottom row are two fields we renovated in 2019.

Here’s more of what we’ve been working on

Most of our projects starts with removing all the old base anchors.  We never know how many there are in an infield or how big they may be but we make sure we have a fresh start before we install a new playing surface.

Recently we resurfaced a couple fields with Ag Lime in Herington, Kansas.  We reset the field, installed all new pitching and base anchors, built new bull pens and laid out the area for a new field.

We can construct a wide variety of batting cages or upgrade your current framing with custom nets and batting stations

We've constructed a wide variety of Bull Pens too.  The one on the left has multi-age uses from 40' softball to 50' baseball.  The new construction on the right is custom cut timber for a high school mound in a flood prone area.

Bullpen Construction

This is double bullpen that we were working on last fall.  We rebuilt the backstop fence, tore out the old bullpen and installed custom cut timbers and finished it off with new pitching rubbers and home plates from Beacon Athletics.

This is a before and after of a softball field that we converted from dirt, grass, and rocks to shale last fall.

We got the opportunity to renovate a neglected bullpen last fall with custom cut timbers from Blubaugh Construction.  We cleaned up the whole area to reduce the amount of maintenance needed.

Scoreboard Installation

If you need a scoreboard installed we can do that too. We work with ATHCO/Fair-Play to help get you what fits your needs.

This is the before and after of St John, Kansas.  We resized the field, re-cut the arc and laid down a new infield skin.

Last spring we resurfaced the infield in Kiowa, Kansas.  We also renovated the old dugouts and added concrete floors.

We've had several customers that wanted to upgrade their foul poles as you can see on the left.  On the right we were installing used turf from one of our partners in a batting cage renovation that we recently did. 

We mentioned we had a local construction partner to offer more renovation options.  These are the before and after pictures of a dugout we worked on last May. 

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