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What we do

We provide a variety of facility maintenance and renovation services that will help you improve your infield playing surface.  We use laser grading with our infield sloping and arc management process to ensure you have a safe and consistent surface to play on and a smooth transition to your outfields.

We provide maintenance programs to assist in the ongoing improvement to maintain the investment in your facility.


Our company also provides services to renovate or build new batting cages, bull pens, dugouts and we do some fencing.  We also have access to a variety of partnering companies that can help with the needs that may fall outside our scope of services that we offer.

We can help

Not all organizations have the manpower or funds to consistently maintain their facilities throughout the year.  Our company can come in and renovate your field to get you back on track and then help you stay on top of it by providing preseason and post season maintenance programs.  We also have more intense programs that can be implemented on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs and preference.

Infield Renovation Essentials

When we renovate infields we encourage our customers to update all the essentials needed with new items such as home plates, pitching anchors/rubber, heavy duty base anchors, and new bases.  This will ensure that you have the newest equipment available.  We partner with Beacon Athletics for all our needs from infield essentials to batting cages as well as foul poles, windscreens, fence cap, and field tarps.  Click on their logo to view their website and the wide variety of high quality products and services that they offer.

Batting Cages

These are two of most recent batting cages that we built for our customers.  The cage on the left is a 55'  TUFFframe TM Modular with hitting stations.  The cage on the right is a 55' TUFFframe TM ELITE with simple to use winch system and FUSElink Overload Protection.  Both are available from Beacon Athletics

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